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    Meet Your Hosts, And Prepare To Have Your Eyes Opened.

    Host: Robin Holiday

    Crypto Bot Genius

    Robin Is On A Mission. He Is Preparing To Turn The World Of Crypto Trading On It's Ear. His Coaching And Teaching Style Are Both In Your Face And Thought Provoking, Think Of Gordon Ramsey Mixed With The Dalai Lama (A Lot Of Passion Only Not As Much Cussing)

    Host: Robert Murray

    Marketing Dude

    Robert Murray Is The Quintessential Yin To Robin's Yang. Someone Has To Keep Robin On A Leash And Robert Is The Perfect Fit. He Is A Master At Organising, Marketing, And Client/Prospect Flow. He Will Make Sure Everyone Who wants To Gets Everything They Need To Be Successful Trading Crypto.

    These results speak for themselves. Our students who joined us in the Beta launch are already taking action, and just look below. Results are pouring in!

    '''I have been trading crypto for about a year now, I was very skeptical about software and bots handling my bank. But I am gutted I waited a month after speaking to Rob. $398 up in week one, yes yes yes...''

    Paul OKeefe

    ''I like that bitcoin has crazy volatility. It allows me to make great returns 24 hours a day with this simple and effective method and I just love my Bot now. Will close out month one with over 15% profit''

    Ryan Morris

    ''It took about 2 hours to set everything up on my desktop and set up my grid, pressed play and the bot started to do it's thing. $112 profit on day one, this is unreal.''

    Alex McMillan

    This FREE advance training is limited so act now!

    WARNING: I will be tearing down 'accepted wisdom', ripping big banks a new one, and destroying so-called trading educators and 'experts', probably with a bit of cussing. If you are easily offended, and don't like having your beliefs challenged, then this is not the training for you!